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El Pastor

National Mechanics’ new Philadexican cousin Lucha Cartel is serving a tex-mex mix of apps and entrees at 2nd and Chestnut along with a bevy of beverages like mojitos, margs and a host of specialty cocktails. The decor is your typical rudos y tecnicos battling dia de los muertos monsters in a bloodbath of distressed bar stools, prickly cacti and evocative lighting. Your typical Mexican joint, basically.

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El Fin de Semana

¡El Fin de Semana!

You get dos dias per semana that are yours and yours alone. So you can let the first five days loom over your weekend, or you can choose Friday and Saturday to burn so bright the whole week will be suffused with its brilliance. You Live once! Live this Weekend!

Tacos De Rajas


For you gringos that means lunch, and that means a delicious lunch menu and specials, outdoor seats for when the weather is nice, and definite respite from your work day. Almuerzo from 11 to 4, Tuesday to Friday!

Hora de Feliz!

¡Hora Feliz!

Following our Lunch menu by just an hour, Happy Hour at Lucha Cartel is from 4-7pm Mon - Friday and late night 10pm-Midnight Friday and Saturday. We’ve got drink specials, outdoor seating, and a $5 HH menu that will knock you out of your zapatillas de tenis. Check out the Happy Hour Specials!

Nuestra Historia

It is said that under a moonless sky, in the hour just before the dawn when the world is at its darkest, that the mysterious entity behind Lucha Cartel was born. Growing up in the tiny village of Macondo, the enigmatic masked wrestler learned the mysteries of Lucha Libre along with what makes Mexican coke so delicious (we’d tell you but then we’d have to pile drive you) the dark arts of the cactus burger (we’d tell you but then we’d have to pile drive you - onto a cactus) and the alchemy behind the perfect margarita (we’ll just tell you if you ask.)

Armed with this forbidden knowledge and obscured behind the glittery mask of the Luchador this faustian foodie journeyed to Philadelphia to found the legendary Lucha Cartel that you know today. Literally meaning “fight agreement” the name is an idiomatic expression for the acknowledgement of the implicit rules of life such as do unto others, tip your bartenders, and the Oxford comma. So come over and enjoy the fruits of our labor - the perfect Mexican fusion menu, craft beers and the preternatural aura of deep magical influence.


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